King of Prussia Mall, King of Prussia, PA  Amount-$364,000.00
D.O.D.– US Army Corp of Eng, Philadelphia, PA  Amount-$427,000.00
One East Penn Tower-Marriot, Philadelphia, PA  Amount-$1,700,000.00
Munder Facility, Conshohocken, PA  Amount-$400,00.00
Peco Energy, Peach Bottom Plant, PA   Amount -$285,000.00
2200 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA  Amount-$600,000.00
Highland Homes, Radnor, PA   Amount-$250,000.00
*Quantum Chemical, Tuscola, IL   Amount-$3,000,000.00
*ADM, Decatur, IL  Amount-$2,000,000.00
*Illinois Power, Decatur, IL    Amount-$100,000.00
Central Soya, Gibson City, IL   Amount-$200,000.00
400 N. Michigan, Chicago, IL   Amount-$150,000.00
Roseland Pump Station, Chicago, IL   Amount-$750,000.00
700 North Rush, Chicago, IL   Amount-$200,000.00
Holiday Inn, Chicago, IL  Amount-$175,000.00
Chicago Transit Authority, Skokie, IL   Amount-$300,000.00
*K-Marts, Chicago, IL    Amount-$200,000.00
Forrestal Village Housing, G. Lakes, IL   Amount-$450,000.00
Great Lakes Naval Base-Nimitz,  G. Lakes, IL Amount-$400,000.00
Fireside Hotel & Inn, Morton Grove, IL   Amount -$100,000.00
Morton Salt Conference Center, Morton Grove, IL  Amount-$100,000.00
Grays Lakes Outdoor Theater, Chicago, IL   Amount-$100,000.00
Stiffel Lamps Corporation, Chicago, IL  Amount-$100,000.00
Heinery Horner Homes, Chicago, IL  Amount-$100,000.00

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Demolition Work

Harlem Valley Psych. Ctr., Harrison, NY   Amount - $425,000.00
Chemical Bank, 55 Water St., New York, NY.   Amount - $577,000.00
Olympia York, 60 Broad St., New York, NY.   Amount -  $900,000.00
O&Y, 1020 Ave. of The America’s, New York, NY.   Amount - $1,300,000.00
O&Y, 100 Wall St., New York, NY.  Amount - $870,000.00
Big Six Towers, Queens ,New York     Amount-$700,000.00
Co-Gen Technologies, New York, NY  Amount- $4,200,000.00
Pfizer, Brooklyn, NY  Amount-$150-000.00
Colony Center Mall, Albany, NY  Amount-$500,000.00
CBS Building, New York, NY Amount-$200,000.00
Saratoga Liquidation, Saratoga, New York  Amount-$200,000.00
Mid Valley Mall, Newburgh, NY  Amount-$400,000.00
Coastal Refinery, Eaglepoint, NJ  Amount-$7,000,000.00
*Hoelst-Celanese, Linden, NJ  Amount-$375,000.00
*Imtt, Bayonne, NJ   Amount -$450,000.00
Exxon, Linden, NJ  Amount-$465,000.00
*Dupont Chemicals, Paulsboro, NJ   Amount-$600,000.00
Westfield Acres, Camden NJ  -$2,400,000.00
*Nabisco Facility, Fair Lawn, NJ  Amount-$200,000.00
 Nabisco Facility, East Hanover, NJ  Amount-$100,000.00
Hill Manor-Tower, Newark, NJ   Amount-$600,000.00
Olin Chemical, Palisade Park, NJ   Amount-$300,000.00
PQ Corp, Carteret, NJ  Amount-$600,000.00

L.A. Dreyfus, Edison, NJ   Amount-$200,000.00
Mutual Benefit Life, Newark, NJ   Amount- $200,000.00
Interbake Foods, Newark, NJ   Amount-$300,000.00
Reichold Chemical, Newark, NJ   Amount-$400,000.00
Newark Symphony Hall, Newark, NJ  Amount- $500,000.00
Tetley Tea Plant, Morris Plains, NJ  Amount-$600,000.00
Joseph Jingoli, Vineland, NJ  Amount- $1,600,000.00
Joseph Jingoli, East Orange, NJ Amount- $5,100,000.00
Pike Company, Walmart Project, Turnersville, NJ.  Amount - $260,000.00
Hensel Phelps, NAFB, SC. Amount-$5,700,000.00

*Northwestern Life, Chicago, IL   Amount-$100,000.00
*Dupont Chemicals, Wilmington, Delaware   Amount-$200,000.00
Woolworths, Greenwich, CT   Amount-$100,000.00
Hartford housing Authority, Hartford, CT   Amount-$375,000.00
Danbury Housing Authority, Danbury, CT  Amount-$100,000.00
Ansonia Housing Authority, Ansonia, CT  Amount-$100,000.00
Stamford Housing Authority, Stamford, CT  Amount-$250,000.00
Bridgeport Housing Authority, Bridgeport, CT  Amount-$200,000.00
S. Conn. State College, New Haven, TN  Amount-$500,000.00
GMH, Luke AFB, Phoenix, AZ  Amount - $4,700,000.00
GMH, Sheppard AFB, Witchita Falls, TX.  Amount - $5,600,000.00
GMH, Altus AFB, Altus, OK.  Amount - $1,200,000.00
*Multiple Projects